Z STREET is an organization of Zionists who join together at this time of great danger to the Jewish State of Israel and, increasingly, to world Jewry.

I. Z STREET proudly asserts the right of the Jewish people to a state.

II. Z STREET proudly reclaims the words “Zionist” and “Jewish State” as ones to wear with pride, and completely rejects their recent branding as shameful or impolite terms.

III. Z STREET maintains that Jews have the right to live anywhere in the world, including, and especially, within all parts of Israel.

IV. Z STREET is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the Jewish State of Israel and firmly believes that there can be no compromises or agreements with, and no concessions to, any Terrorist Entity or any individual Terrorists.

V. Z STREET is dedicated to rejecting and refuting the condemnation of any actions taken by Israel or Israelis that are not similarly condemned when taken by any other individuals or political entities.

VI. Z STREET is dedicated to constantly and consistently declaring and affirming the facts which fully support the legal, moral and historical right of the Jewish State to exist in peace and security without physical or verbal assault against its sovereignty or legitimacy as well as revealing the fallacious narratives which undermine those rights.  This necessarily entails adamantly opposing the dismantling of and/or handing over territory to any other entity or entities.

VII. Z STREET insists that terrorist or other threats against Israel be unequivocally condemned and that those members of the world community failing to do so be identified as supporters of a second genocide against the Jewish people.

VIII. Z STREET declares that Israel’s respect for women’s, religious and other minorities’ rights, provides a welcome example of civilized behavior – particularly in the Middle East – to be acknowledged and respected by all people of good will.

IX. Z STREET, recognizes that the world does not challenge the religious status of 23 officially Muslim countries, 17 officially Christian countries, and seven countries which recognize Buddhism as their state religion, while only Israel, the Jewish State, is demonized for asserting its legitimate right to be a religion-affiliated State, and which religion, Judaism, is the world’s oldest monotheistic faith.

X. Z STREET recognizes the value of other Zionist organizations whose activities include lobbying, producing publications, sponsoring scholars, honoring generous donors and/or other important programs. Z STREET is not intended to supersede those other Zionist organizations.  Z STREET is intended to serve as an alternative to many mainstream and other Jewish organizations that, to meet donors’ requirements or for ideological reasons, cannot affirm the principles set out in the Z STREET Charter.

XI. Z STREET has no need to, and will not negotiate with, nor seek to gain the approval from, any governments, Israeli or Diaspora organizations, or individuals supporting the diminution or weakening of Israel either because of ideological conviction, animosity towards a strong, Jewish State, cowardice, or the misguided belief that compromise with Terrorist Entities can lead to peace in the Middle East or global peace.

XII. Z STREET is an organization of and for individuals who affirm the foregoing and are dedicated to upholding and ensuring respect for those principles.

Definitions for Purposes of this Document

Zionist: a person who affirms that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and is and must remain a Jewish State.  A Zionist believes that the government of Israel must not make concessions to, or engage in negotiations with, terrorists, terrorist entities or terror-sponsoring states   which either implicitly or explicitly, seek to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

Jewish State of Israel: the Jewish homeland recognized in 1948 by a majority of the organized nations of the world, and which was subsequently enlarged as the result of defensive wars waged against it.

Terrorist Entity: A group which may include a country, that supports, either actively or passively, the use of violence in order to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

Terrorist: an individual who, either alone or in concert with others, physically attacks or endorses the physical attack on Israelis or on non-Israeli supporters of Israel.