Media Coverage of Z STREET

Z STREET is currently in the news because of the recently announced settlement of our litigation against the IRS. In time, Z STREET will again be mentioned in the media unrelated to this litigation, simply for sharing the truth about Israel and the Middle East.

The Wall Street Journal op-ed, The IRS Campaign Against Israel—and Us – WSJ about the settlement with the IRS appears on its own entry on this website. Other articles or media discussions include:

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that one of the best, most accurate and most thorough coverage comes from CBN. Their reporter, Paul Strand, spent a lot of time on writing up the hard copy and interviewing me and two experts comparing US funding of activities in Israel vs. activities which benefit Palestinian Arabs, Jonathan Schanzer of FDD and Yona Schiffmiller of NGOMonitor. How Being Pro-Israel Landed This Family in a 7 Year Fight With the IRS

There was an i24News interview about the IRS Targeting scandal and Gadi Adelman devoted an hour of his Danger Zone radio show to Z STREET’s victory.

A wonderful article by Jonathan Tobin in JNS, where he puts into context our lawsuit with the growing divide and partisanship between the government and the governed. Why Everyone Should Care About the Fate of Z STREET.

Phyllis Chesler honed in on the irony of many non-profits which avowedly work to financially support Palestinian Arabs in Gaza (run by a certified Foreign Terrorist Organization) and in the West Bank, where the majority of the terrorist attacks take place, being granted tax-exempt status, while Z STREET languished in IRS purgatory, in Obama’s anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism reigned at the IRS from 2010 to 2017.

Hana Levi Julian wrote in the DOJ Announces Settlement with Z STREET Over Improper IRS Treatment.

Daniel Greenfield, at FrontPage Magazine took note of another largely overlooked point: while the anti-Zionist moles at the IRS were repeatedly seeking to find whether they could create an official policy revoking or denying tax-exemptions from non-profits supporting Jews in the disputed territories, they made a list of such organizations using virulently anti-Israel websites as their sources. Obama Used IRS to Target Pro-Israel Orgs Based on Anti-Israel Hate Sites.

Legal Insurrection did a great job in IRS finally admits it targeted Israel-related groups, apologizes.

Jeff Dunetz has followed the progress of Z STREET since its founding and through the course of the long litigation. Dunetz published two articles about Z STREET’s victory: in Z STREET Beats IRS in Targeting Scandal Lawsuit, and in the Jewish Star, Z STREET, pro-Israel group, beats IRS in bias suit. 

Scott Johnson, over at PowerLine, wrote a terrific piece about the machinations of the lawsuit, The Wrong Side of Z STREET: “The IRS sought to have the case dismissed for failure to state a claim and then asserted ludicrous defenses. With its friends in the Obama Department of Justice, the IRS did whatever it could to preclude, protract and obstruct discovery until President Obama and the malefactors serving at his pleasure moved on. The case is a sidebar to the political corruption of the IRS that remains one of the open sores of the Age of Obama.”

In the Washington Examiner, Margot Cleveland wrote Government reaches settlement against pro-Israel non-profit targeted by the IRS. Cleveland discussed those infamous BOLO lists used by IRS agents. One of the lesser known categories that showed up on those lists was “Occupied Territory Advocacy.”

IRS Apologizes to Pro-Israel Z STREET for Delaying Tax-Exempt Status, wrote Joel Pollak at Breitbart, and IRS Apologizes to Pro-Israel Group for Biased Treatment was Adam Kredo’s take in the Washington Free Beacon.

Fox News ran Trump DOJ enters into final settlement in IRS Targeting Scandal.

JTA mentioned the conclusion of the litigation in Justice Department settles with pro-Israel group for delay in its tax-exempt status. The Forward  reprinted JTA’s piece.